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Licensed Practical Nurse - full-time

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2023-05-12 02:27:14 UTC

Our Mission & What We Do 🚀

Our healthcare system is costly and ineffective. We’re redesigning it from first principles, starting with patients who have chronic conditions.

Gradia provides a virtual extension to brick-and-mortar clinics, empowering physicians to deliver an integrated, concierge care experience at scale. 

Ultimately, our software is the backbone of the entire patient experience, providing patients with personalized, high-touch care while also helping clinics improve their bottom line. With our platform, patients can stay informed about the status of their care, easily communicate with their providers, and get direct access to specialized, virtual care teams that put them on a path toward recovery.

Our mission is to make highly attentive, integrated care a standard for all patients and bring more joy to the job of being a physician. And, we deeply believe that beautiful, well-thought software is the only way to make this a reality.

Founded by two Stanford engineers, Gradia is backed by MaC Venture Capital, YCombinator, Atlanta Ventures, Soma Capital, and incredible operators/founders of companies like RampProtocol Labs, Golden, BoltBloomtech, and BillionToOne.

The Opportunity 📈

It’s an incredible time to join us: we’ve hit an inflection point with fantastic patient engagement, overwhelming demand from physicians, and have recently unlocked substantial new revenue streams for our existing customers. However, we’re still early — we want to fundamentally redesign the current paradigm of healthcare, and there are plenty of opportunities to contribute and make an outsized impact.

Your Role in the Company 💪

Gradia Health is looking to hire someone full-time who is a licensed practical nurse (LPN). This is a remote role.

What You'll Do:

  • Conduct virtual patient assessments and screening for social determinants of health via telemedicine.

  • Assist in virtual medication management and reconciliation services to ensure medication adherence.

  • Connect patients with community resources to address social determinants of health.

  • Provide virtual patient education and counseling for chronic condition management.

  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals for coordinated, patient-centered virtual care.


  • Active practical nurse licensure with at least 2 years of experience in direct patient care, preferably in remote/telemedicine settings.

  • Experience in comprehensive patient assessments, individualized care plans, and medication management using telemedicine technologies for chronic conditions, especially digestive issues.

  • Familiarity with electronic health record systems and compliance with healthcare documentation and privacy regulations in remote care settings.

  • Proven ability to connect patients with community resources and provide virtual education and counseling to manage chronic conditions and address social determinants of health using secure telemedicine technologies.

Remote restrictions

  • Must be a resident of United States